Silver Plane Porcelain Panels (40% Recycled)

Color: Silver Plane (40% Recycled)

Plane: The next generation of panels.

Available in five different modular sizes up to an astounding 5′ X 10′, this collection is the first panel option of its kind. With features of engineered porcelain, including amazing flexibility, and is crack resistant, mold resistant, heat and frost proof, with no artificial binders and no VOC emissions.

Available in fifteen beautiful colors, Plane is ideal for interiors, exteriors, countertops, veneers, and much more.

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NeoLith by TheSize

NEOLITH is a ceramic made of 100% clay or sand that is brought directly from Neolith Kitchenthe quarry to the manufacturing facility in Spain. This is the latest technology of ultra compact surface and the most durable. NEOLITH is a high performance material ideal for applications such as kitchen coverings. NEOLITH does not scratch, does not stain, is heat and fire resistant, and, thanks to the extremely low absorption rate of technical porcelain, ideal for food contact and processing.

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